Pictionary with B-SAFE


“A Person!”

“A Pregnant Person!”

“What is that?!”


The Rangers guessed the word correctly and the participants stood, demanding an explanation from their artists. Some showed frustration while others cheered their teams for getting the point. 

As part of the elementary program's Humanities rotation, the B-SAFE LEARN participants were thinking of words through pictures. They were challenged to think how they can represent words like "hungry," "grapes," and "enter," among many others. The words ranged in difficulty and that was evident. Some students, when it was their turn to draw, tried to convey their drawings with intense stares. They didn’t know how else to let their teams know that the secret word was "seashells."

Not only were the kids enjoying some friendly competition, but also the teens were having fun, too! While simultaneously trying to keep the participants engaged, teens were guessing and giving clues. The activity proved to be a very good way to help students think about new words. The words that were not objects were the most difficult, but the kids stretched and learned with the help of some of the teens and adults in the room. 

Pictionary was a huge success that helped students become comfortable with new vocabulary and build teamwork skills! 

By Anani Galindo, Senior Fellow B-SAFE Academic Team

Anani Galindo is a recent Wellesley College graduate with majors in both English and Spanish. She is pursuing her teacher certification in the fall and then will join the Teach for America 2020 corps. This is her second summer with the St. Stephen's Youth Programs. In her free time, she can be found looking for new books to read and biking through the Massachusetts trails.

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