Teen Trainings!

Jasmine Bruner, B-SAFE at St. Stephen's Teen Staff Coordinator

Each week this summer, all of our B-SAFE Counselors-In-Training (CITs) participated in various workshops and professional development trainings. These trainings are part of the meaningful and paid employment for each of B-SAFE's more than 150 teens. B-SAFE provides these 25-hour a week, $12 hour jobs thanks to the City of Boston and the SuccessLinks Program, the Chelsea Collaborative, YOU Employment, and donors to St. Stephen's Youth Programs.

The first trainings were led by Planned Parenthood and their Voices curriculum. During these weeks, the CITs explored the intersectionality of identity through small group discussions and group activities. One of these activities included sharing "River Stories" during which teens had the opportunity to share significant moments in their pasts and also share aspirations for their futures. Reflecting on identity, they also focused on their own empowerment and learning how they have the power to positively impact their communities.

In other trainings, the CITs spent time thinking critically about social justice issues they were passionate about and creating campaigns to address these issues. They also had the opportunity to work on developing their resumes and practicing interview skills. To conclude the summer, CITs reflected on their growth as leaders and created their own leadership maps which highlighted key characteristics they valued within themselves and each other. All of these weekly meetings provided teens with opportunities to connect, reflect over the last week of program, and set goals for the next!

More about Jasmine - Jasmine recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology from Concordia University in Portland, Oregon. She joined SSYP this year through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and will be returning in the fall as the year-round Teen Staff Coordinator thanks to the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship, an AmeriCorps Program. Jasmine is enthusiastic about empowering young people to develop their passions and be confident about who they are.

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