College and Career 

We expose teens to the world of options available to them and give them the tools they need to achieve their goals. We offer teens a wide range of supports including mentoring, academic tutoring, one-on-one counseling, career panels, college visits, and test preparation.

Career panels range in topic -- from the arts and sciences to business and from caring careers to medicine -- to show teens the variety of paths to success available to them. College fairs and campus visits expose students to the different types of college environments, and allow them to envision themselves in a college setting. To increase their competitiveness and confidence, we offer students a SAT prep and college prep series through a partnership with Wellesley College. In addition, help teens find affordable pathways to college and other post-high school programs by bringing in speakers from organizations like uAspire. 

We pair high-school students and college alumni with mentors who work one-on-one with teens to help ensure their success. Mentors support teens through the process of goal setting, choosing colleges or other programs, completing applications, and identifying funding. Teens are also receive: help with time management, academic coaching, and assistance in developing executive functioning skills. This year the College and Career program has forty-five mentoring pairs. 

For more information about our College & Career Program, please contact Jeremy Kazangian-Amory

Academic Support & Enrichment

During Monday and Wednesday Academic Nights, middle and high school students and alumni eat dinner, do homework, obtain tutoring, work on school projects, and prepare college applications. Academic Nights also provide teens with access to technology and the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities like book clubs. 

Another way we provide teens with academic support is through high school visits. By meeting with guidance counselors and teachers, our staff are able to better support teens and ensure that they are staying on track in school.


Teens between the ages of fifteen and nineteen work for our programs year-round as Counselors-in-Training and Community Organizers. Teen staff receive ongoing job training, professional development, and supervision. We also have a Junior CIT internship program for fourteen year-olds.

During the school year, CITs work as tutors, mentors and role models for younger students, ten hours per week. During the summer, they work twenty-five hours per week helping with tutoring, academic activities, games, sports, and electives.  

JCITs receive workplace training and academic support, including college visits, culturally enriching field trips, and service-learning projects. During the school year, they intern for five hours per week as tutors, mentors and role models for younger students and engage in weekly programming to help them grow as leaders.    

During the summer, JCIT internships are available at two of our six summer sites. JCITs work twenty-five hours per week, working half the day to help younger students with academics and activities and attending their own programming after lunch. 

Community Organizers are based at our Lower Roxbury site. They work on campaigns that address the underlying structural causes of oppression and inequality and create material change in their neighborhoods. Community Organizers work ten hours per week during the school year and twenty-five hours per week during the summer.   

Service Learning

Our BRIDGE program provides teens with opportunities to participate in service learning trips. It is designed to broaden the perspectives and leadership skills of our high school students and encourage their engagement in global issues. Many of our young people have limited exposure to the challenges faced by communities beyond their neighborhoods. We have an ongoing partnership with Community Housing Coalition in Madison County, North Carolina and, thanks to some of our partner churches, with El Hogar in Honduras.

For more information, please contact Kasey Boston.