We All Need Self-Care


When I transferred to Wheelock College in the fall of 2016, many professors and guest speakers would mention how important self-care is. I have done a lot of volunteering with different organizations, but it wasn’t until I started working in a therapeutic after-school program that I realized how important self-care is. Self-care is emotional, physical and mental. These are the areas where we need to take time to prepare ourselves to do the work we are destined to do. How do you practice self-care? The first thing I turn to when I am feeling stressed is listening to music at the loudest possible volume. Well… maybe not that loud but it is definitely loud! Something about singing my heart out – although I know I can’t sing – singing out my emotions is refreshing. Work is stressful. Life is stressful. We all need time to ourselves to unwind, refresh and practice self-care.  

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By Nichelle Gomez

Nichelle is a rising senior at Simmons College where she studies social work. Nichelle started with St Stephen's Youth Programs in 2017 when she was hired as a lead counselor. Through hard work Nichelle moved up to be a teen staff manger for the B-SAFE Summer Program. Nichelle has a great passion for working with youth and wants to give back to her community. After she graduates with her bachelor in social work, Nichelle plans to continue her education at Simmons to receive a masters degree. Ultimately, Nichelle would like to become a clinical social worker.