Learn and Grow with St. Stephen's Youth Programs


I am Zinha Coronel, I am 19 years old, I have worked with St. Stephen's Youth Programs for three years, and I’ve worked with B-SAFE for two years. Started off as a CIT, then worked for B-SAFE the summer of 2017 as an Art Specialist, then became a Lead that following fall for LEARN. In the summer of 2018, I am a Site Assistant, I help out my site manager around the site making sure things are running smoothly, and I help manage how lunch will be served, and that also goes along  with breakfast. Being a Site Assistant allows me to build my skills in management, since that is what I am majoring in college. I am learning how to use the resources around me and how to manage teens. My favorite thing about being a B-SAFE is watching young people learn and grow in the program.

By Zinha Coronel