Kidding Around

Emerson College's Kidding Around children's theater group hosted a production for St. Stephen's YLC called "And Then Came Tango" at the Blackstone Community Center. "And Then Came Tango" tells a story about love, family and standing up for your beliefs. The play is inspired by the true story of Roy and Silo, two male penguins living at the Central Park Zoo who formed a pair bond, built a nest, and were so determined to be parents that they incubated a rock. When given an orphaned egg, the pair successfully raised a baby fledgling. 

This original work celebrates families of all shapes and sizes and teaches audiences what it means to have agency and be an activist. All of our middle school students and members of the Emerson community were in attendance, including students, faculty and families. After the show the cast hosted a talk back. 

We are thankful for the Emerson Community and the dialogue they facilitated surrounding career exploration and identity for our young people. 

Miss it? Don't worry, they'll be back in Spring!

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By Megan Doe, YLC Coordinator