Social and Emotional Support

This year St. Stephen’s has integrated a social and emotional support (SES) team into the program to provide our students with individual and group-based support. The SES team has been running health and wellness groups as well as art therapy groups with our youth and teens, which incorporate activities that strengthen and develop skills around self care, stress management, mindfulness, and healthy relationships, among other things. During art therapy groups, the JCITs participate in activities using creative expression and activities to empower students, promote creativity and explore abstract ideas like social injustices, and personal passions.  The YLCs have been creating community art projects in order to enhance the aesthetic of their space.  Activities with the JCIT’s have included things such as group poems, group mandalas, dream catchers, and cards.  The YLCs have added prayer flags to their room that hold their well wishes and intentions for the space they meet in every afternoon.  YLCs often assist in decorating signs and murals in their space.  For example, they hand picked role model David Ortiz to be sketched and painted in by volunteers.  Currently, we are working on creating a selfie station in the YLC room.  Working on these projects has excited, empowered, and encouraged students to be creative and passionate members of St. Stephen’s community.

By SES Team Members, Gabriella, Abigail, Kayleigh, and Eugenia

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