JCITs take over Revere Beach

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As the second week of program came to an end, the JCITs (Junior-Counselors-in-Training) from St. Augustine & St. Martin had the best beach day at Revere Beach. The JCIT Program is B-SAFE's paid internship and leadership training program for ninth graders. After taking the MBTA train to the beach, the JCITs began their day by setting their towels and blankets out on the beach. We had plenty of choices, given that we had the whole place to ourselves.

While at the beach, I could tell the JCITs were building relationships and getting closer with each other because they literally set their towels right next to each other. We all made one big area where we could sit or lay for the entire day. To amplify things (also literally), the JCITs brought a speaker to play music. We all had fun, dancing and singing to the music that everyone knows!

Amazingly, every single JCIT wanted to splash in the water and that’s exactly what they did! It was different--in a good way--to see all of them willing to have some active fun. There was no one just sitting back on the sand. As an extra bonus, we had a good, bonding time fighting off all the nasty seagulls, but not quite all of them because someone did get their pizza taken off into the air! Nevertheless, it was literally a near-perfect beach day!

By Aliyah Glover, JCIT Site Assistant for St. Augustine & St. Martin

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Aliyah Glover lives around the corner from St. Stephen's and is a former participant in St. Stephen's Youth Programs (starting when she was in elementary school). When she was in ninth grade, Aliyah was a JCIT herself and now is on the B-SAFE adult leadership staff, working as the Site Assistant for the JCIT Program at St. Augustine and St. Martin. Aliyah is a 2018 graduate of Wayland High School; while there, she ran on Wayland track team and won the State Championships in the 200 meter dash and the 200 meter relay. Aliyah is a rising sophomore at Bridgewater State University where she is majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Psychology.