Spring Break Field Trips

From April 16th to April 18th the elementary students of St. Stephen’s Youth Programs joined an all-day program to fill their vacation days. We had loads of fun, and did not want it to end. We started out the week by going downtown to watch the newly released Dumbo movie. On the ride back to St .Augustine and St. Martin’s, I asked my kids what they thought I wanted them to learn and they got it spot on: I wanted them to learn the importance of not just being kind to each other but all other living things. Then the MSPCA came to visit us and provided some great information. They even let us pet one of their guinea pigs. We learned about how to care for animals, how to help them and how to make them a part of our own family. The next day we got a visit from the Farrington Farm and they taught us how to be nice to the earth. We learn about plants’ cycle of life and how many plants talk to each other. We also learned how to plant pea shoots! Later on that evening we were visited by Sarah from the Puppet Showplace Theatre. We loved her stories and she even showed us how she makes her own puppets! On the third and final day of program, we started out the day by going bowling at Townline in Malden, where many kids cheered their peers on and showed their pride in their success knocking pins down. As our last activity of the day, we played indoor games and just enjoyed each other’s company for the last time. You should join us next time for all the fun!

By Cassandra Bernabel, Site Manager at St. Augustine and St. Martin’s