Giving Back

On January 4th at St. Augustine and St. Martin, the youth participated in what we like to call “a day of service.” We decided that we wanted to continue to give back and thought it would be best to do so with an organization that has agreed to work and partner with us. During the April vacation this year, we will be visited by the MSPCA Adoption Center, an animal shelter located in Jamaica Plain. During that time we will learn more about what the MSPCA does to help homeless animals and what we can do to help those animals, too. The MSCPA, along explaining the depths of their organization, will bring a couple of animals for the youth and staff to get to know and hang out with! We decided that we should thank the organization by donating some items that will help them in their everyday tasks. The youth made homemade dog treats with oatmeal, peanut butter and pumpkin puree. YUM! They also designed hand towels that the MSPCA will be able to use to clean the facility, and they wrote lovely notes to all the homeless animals. I hope that you enjoy the pictures attached of the youth during these several activities. #AdoptDontShop

By Cassandra Bernabel, Site Manager at St. Augustine and St. Martin