Choose Kind


This summer has already shown me so many ways to share kindness.  The most rewarding part of my job here is seeing the smiles on our participants' faces. I see smiles while reading our theme book Wonder, as they experience the exhibits at the NE Aquarium while watching the jellyfish wiggle through the illuminated water, and as they enjoy a family style lunch together with their friends. As a teacher, there is no greater joy than to witness the wonder in a child's eyes as they concentrate intensely as they paint a still picture of a plate of delicious donuts or play soccer competitively.  


It has also been a summer of immense personal growth. Coaching first time teachers and young adults who show a passion for sharing their knowledge, hearing their stories and challenges, and encouraging them to think of themselves as enough, reminded me of what teaching really means. Sharing my days with the amazing collection of humans that do this work for the same reason that I do this work was a true pleasure...make our participants Feel Safe, Feel Big, and Feel Connected!


By Christina Vidana, Academic Administrator

Christina Vidaña started with St. Stephen's as an Academic Specialist teaching Humanities in June 2017. This year she comes to us as the Academic Administrator responsible for the LEARN side of the program (400+ elementary participants). Christina has 12 years of experience in education and is fulfiliing her passion as a Third Grade Teacher at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Mission Grammar School. She has a zest for life and absolutely adores her scholars and working with children. She has been married to Dann for 27 years and has two beautiful daughters who are also involved with St. Stephen's, Bella and Sophie.