Who runs the world? Teens!

This summer SSYP, in collaboration with the Boston Center for Youth and Families, Chelsea Collaborate, and the Attorney General's Office, is providing 181 jobs and internships at our sites. Teens are working as tutors and mentors, field trip chaperones, peace walk coordinators, workshop designers, leadership development facilitators, and so much more! Teen staff make the magic happen and they go above and beyond to create a space where all participants Feel Safe, Feel Big, and Feel Connected. 


By Kasey Boston, Director of Youth Leadership

Kasey initially joined the staff of St. Stephen's Youth Programs in the summer of 2013 as a Teen Staff Coordinator for B-SAFE. She has her masters in International Education Policy from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Kasey grew up in Dunedin, Florida and moved to Boston for graduate school after living abroad in Liberia, West Africa. She is passionate about using education for positive social change and strives to increase the professional development of our teens and prepare them for college and their careers.