Imagination Stations

At. St. Stephen's, we believe in exposing our youth to all sorts of new experiences and activities. We do this in a couple of different ways, such as Imagination Stations or Choice Time. During Choice Time the youth get to chose a different activity weekly. In contrast, Imagination Stations are designed to enhance a skill or teach youth a new skill throughout a 4 week period with a presentation/ exhibition at the end. This year we had two Imagination Station series in which the youth were able to learn some new and cool skills! 

Each series usually offers 4 different options for the youth to chose from. Our first series offered Photography, where the youth learned how to use disposable cameras to take pictures in different lighting and angles, Drumming, where the youth learned the basics about reading sheet music and playing percussion instruments, Sculpting, where the youth learned how to mold clay into different animals, and Comic Book Making, where the youth learned the different parts of a story and how to turn their stories into comic strips with illustrations. 

Our second session offered Basketball, where the youth learned different basketball drills and best techniques, Cultural Cooking, where the youth created dishes and pastries from different countries, Self Portraits, where the youth used a grid method to paint self portraits, and Origami, where the youth learned the art of folding paper into different animals and flowers. 

By Sandy Quispe, LEARN at St. Stephen's Site Manager

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