Water, Not Juice! The B-SAFE Way

With only 5 weeks of program, we have so many things to do! From field trips to general day play, learning, creating and exploring, we all need to make sure we stay hydrated and keep cool! Last Wednesday was 90 degrees outside! B-SAFE programs went on field trips and it was hot out. Everyone had so much fun exploring, learning and doing it all the B-SAFE way. None of the field trips could have been successful without everyone making sure to load up on water!

It’s very important to be sure we (staff and children in the program) are all drinking water, not juice, because our bodies literally depend on it!  With all the easily-available energy beverages and other sugar-packed beverages it can be so hard to ONLY want to drink water. But the sugar found in these drinks are not good for our bodies and are packed with tons of calories. Water consumption is essential to having a productive and safe summer. To the right you will find a diagram that shows just how important WATER is for the body and how it makes everything work correctly. 

We lose water in so many ways; going to the bathroom, sweating and even breathing! Water is lost much faster in the summer because it’s of how hot it is. If we do not replace the water we are losing with more water (not juice) we can become dehydrated.


Signs of dehydration include:

  • Dark urine color
  • Extreme thirst
  • Headache
  • Confusion

We at BSAFE always provide water for students and staff because we understand how important drinking water is! Let’s all have a great summer and make sure we are actively drinking water and not juice. 

Traciana is a Curry College alumni, Class of 2011, who majored in communications. This is her first summer with B-SAFE as a Teen Staff coordinator and definitely not the last! During the school year she works as a one-to-one para at an Elementary school in Brookline. Her favorite color is yellow. She has 3 brothers and 3 sisters.