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SSYP Logos:

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Media and Brand Guidelines for Staff and Partners

Brand Checklist

Share the word about St. Stephen's Youth Programs! This page includes some resources to help you connect with audiences about how SSYP is making a difference! Please see sidebar at left for Downloads of popular printed pieces, and copies of our logo.

Our mission statement:

St. Stephen’s Youth Programs contributes to the health of underserved communities by helping school age young people along the path to successful adulthoods.

Our colors (click on a color to preview):

Purple PMS 266U; RGB 130-26-224; HEX 821AEO

Gold PMS 123U; RGB 252-183-19; HEX FCB713

Need a contrasting color? Try this Green: PMS 2286U; RGB 118-224-26; HEX 76e01a

Our logo: Click here for a print logo. Is the logo in the top left-hand corner of your document? If not, please add it! Digital logos appear to the left.

Full name: Please use the full name of our organization, St. Stephen’s Youth Programs, whenever possible. This helps people recognize our organization and limits confusion.

Acronyms: Use of acronyms should be avoided in all outside communications, except in the case of well-established and recognized programs like B-SAFE and B-READY.

Font: Please use these two fonts for all your communications: Georgia or Arial. If you do not have Georgia, please use Times Roman.

Style Sheet: Please click here to see suggestions on describing our programs in style!


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