Plan for Their Future As Well As Yours!

A planned gift to St. Stephen's Youth Programs will connect you to future generations of youth as you support their growth and development. We invite you to become a member of B-FRIEND, our planned giving society. B-FRIEND members are invited to an annual appreciation event.

Bequests in Your Will or Living Trust

Leaving a bequest to St. Stephen's Youth Programs through your will or living trust is a powerful way to support our work for years to come.

Consider these options:

  • You can give a specific asset, a dollar amount, or a percentage of your estate.
  • You can also give the "rest, residue and remainder," or the balance of your estate, after the payment of taxes, expenses and any other bequests that you make.
  • You can name St. Stephen's Youth Programs as a contingent beneficiary of your estate or of any trust created by you in the event that your named beneficiaries fail to survive you (or are not alive when any trust created by you terminates).

Because these gifts are revocable during your lifetime, they do not qualify for an income tax deduction. They are, however, fully deductible for estate tax purposes and there is no limit on the amount or percentage of your assets that you can donate to St. Stephen's Youth Programs.

Designate St. Stephen's Youth Programs as Beneficiary of Your Retirement Plans

A gift of a Keogh, IRA, 401(k) or other qualified retirement plan to St. Stephen's Youth Programs makes a tremendous difference to our work. A gift of retirement plan interest to St. Stephen's Youth Programs is not subject to either estate or income taxes and St. Stephen's Youth Programs can therefore enjoy the full value of the gift.

If you are having a will prepared for the first time or revising your existing will, you and your attorney can easily add a provision for St. Stephen's Youth Programs. We recommend that you consult with a qualified lawyer or financial advisor when making changes in your estate or retirement plan. Our office can provide your attorney or advisor with important information and suggested language for such a gift.


Please contact Jen Cusack, Director of Leadership Giving, for more information: e-mail or call 617-262-9070