The Partnership for Youth Success is a Campaign to Expand Our Service to Youth and Their Families

Our Programs Continue to Grow!

  • Growth in scale: We anticipate that participation in our year-round programs will increase by over 30% in the next three years. 
  • Growth in scope: We're going deeper with each young person, continuing to offer services and programs beyond high school.
  • Growth in success: In 2017, 100% of our high school seniors graduated with a well-designed plan for the future vs. Boston Public School's rate of 72%. Our 2nd graders' reading skills typically improve by two levels over the course of that crucial year. 

Campaign Progress to Date:

  • We've raised more than 85% of our campaign goal of $2.5 million, thanks to our generous leadership donors!
  • Campaign Goal #1 Expanding Organizational Capacity: New staff include a Director of Academic Programs, Senior Manager of College & Career and Director of Leadership Giving.
  • Campaign Goal #2 Expanding and Updating Facilities: We have completed a comprehensive renovation of the entire first floor of St. Stephen’s Church, including new offices, a new kitchen, new bathroom, and expanded parish hall (the main space where our young people gather, study, and eat) as well as a new playground and new fence.
  • Remaining Priorities: Supporting the salaries of three new capacity-building positions and creating a welcoming presence outside the building with new signage. 

How Can You Support Our Success?

  • Schedule a visit to see our programs in action and check out our awesome new facilities!
  • Join us at one of our upcoming Partnership for Youth Success events or host a gathering.
  • Contact Tim Crellin, Executive Director, or Jen Cusack, Director of Leadership Giving, to learn more!