B-SAFE JCIT Adventures!


The B-SAFE Junior Counselors in Training (JCIT) Program works with rising high school freshmen to develop professionally and learn about and engage in leadership activities. A part of this development means being placed into different LEARN groups and acting as supports to the Leads and CITs, while also taking on new responsibilities of behavior and group management. When they are not working with the youth, JCITs participate in professional development by welcoming outside trainers that come in and teach them about different topics and issues in the community. And last but not least, the JCITs also take part in field trips that encourage them to be civically engaged. These range from visits to parks and beaches to college tours and museums!


After working hard in their groups all Tuesday morning, the JCIT's of St. A&M and Epiphany took a well deserved trip to LoPresti Park in East Boston. They played basketball, football, soccer and many other planned activities run by the JCIT Coordinators and Site Assistants. While some teens cooled down in the shade, others decided to jump through the cold sprinklers. The best part about the day was the amazing view of the Boston skyline and seeing our city from a new perspective. This is only the first of many adventures the JCITs will have the opportunity to experience! 


By Walid Harkous, Site Assistant

Born and Raised in Morocco, Walid moved to the US at the age of 10. Walid started working with SSYP as a JCIT and worked his way up to JCIT assistant coordinator. He is returning for his 5th summer at B-SAFE. He is very passionate about working with kids and bringing change to the South End. He graduated from O'Bryant High School and is looking forward to pursuing further education at ENC.