St. Stephen's Sets Sail for their Future

This year St. Stephen's hosted it's first ever high school senior retreat. This event served as an opportunity to celebrate all our seniors on their amazing accomplishment of graduating high school. Seniors joined staff for breakfast, where they shared the biggest challenges and obstacles they are going on face in this next step. Next, the group set out on a sailboat cruise on the Boston Harbor, a unique opportunity that none of the staff or teens had ever experienced. Finally the group retreated back to St. Stephen's for lunch, where they talked about how the alumni program at St. Stephen's can continue to support them during this next step in their journeys. The retreat was a wonderful opportunity for this amazing group of high school seniors to come together and realize that they have a wide range of people who are there to support them during the next step.


By Jeremy Kazanjian Amory, Sr. Manager of College Access and Success

Jeremy graduated from Colorado College with a Degree in Political Science and Urban Studies in 2012. He came to St. Stephen's through the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship program, an AmeriCorps program where he served for two years. Jeremy was then hired on as the Sr. Manager for College Access & Success, where he is focused on supporting our high school students and alumni on their post high journeys. During the summer he is the Site Manager for the Middle School Youth Leadership Corps program. He brings a passion on working towards increasing access to higher education for low-income students, and is dedicated to helping support students in achieving their own college and career goals.