Let’s Go Higher and Further

“Today, we are learning how to fold a paper airplane,” I told my students. 

“I already knew how to make one!” “That’s so boring!”, many students responded.

“But I will teach you to fold the best airplane that can fly the highest and furthest in the world!”, I explained in my origami rotation during our Fun At Home day.

Following my instructions, the students folded their own airplanes step-by-step and were excited to see them flying in the air. Each step was important in creating this best airplane. One by one, they lined up in the classroom, tested out their airplanes, and watched as their airplanes flew high and far.

Just like teaching the students to fold airplanes, step by step, the B-SAFE program this summer aims to prepare students to go higher and further in their future. From field trips to academic rotations, each part of this program was carefully designed to provide a safe and fun summer for them. Through this program, they can develop skills that they need to go higher and further in their future.

By Angela Liang, Academic Specialist

Angela is joining SSYP as an academic intern for the B-SAFE program. She is currently studying psychology and business in Brandeis University. Born in China, she grew up in the Boston area. Angela had worked closely with Asian immigrant youth and Asian community organizations during her high school years. Now, she is excited to work with the youth in SSYP for this summer.