Go High With Exercise

As a health and wellness specialist, I like kids to gain as much knowledge as they can about their bodies while also enjoying fun games. This week specifically, Epiphany LEARN has been introduced to their muscles and bones, and after learning those different areas we stretched them out. It's important for the kids to learn various ways to "go high" in the area of health in wellness, and we have done this not only through exercise but by making nutritious snacks. Each class is different and has their own games that they really enjoy.  So in that way, the class becomes more of a team effort and we work together to get through what's on my agenda but also make sure they can play games and do activities they enjoy. At the end of the day I emphasize that it is all about teamwork. As long as we can play a game or two together, I don't mind them being active in their own way. You can see examples of the teamwork effort that is put into each of the classes from the pictures posted. Not only are the kids playing, the CITS are equally involved as well as some of the volunteers. We played games such as basketball, soccer and dodgeball, which was a really big hit for everyone. 

By Alysa Thomas, Health and Wellness Specialist