Scoring Healthy Choices

A significant part of our camp is to make sure our kids remember the academics they learned during the school year, avoiding the "Summer Slide" over  the two month vacation. At B-SAFE, we want our kids not only get a head start academically for the school year, but also learn about what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle for years to come. We have a wonderful class called “Health and Wellness” that the kids take part in during the academic rotations portion of the day. This class is designed to teach kids the importance of eating healthy and staying active. The academic specialist, Alysa Thomas, has turned this into a course that kids genuinely enjoy and look forward to each and every day. Some days the course focuses on staying active by playing cardio intensive games such as dodgeball (our students' favorite), basketball, or soccer. Sometimes they even get to have free gym, which shows them that they can use their imagination and create their own games to stay active and fit. On other days the kids make their own healthy snacks. One snack was a yogurt parfait with fruit and granola! Parents, when you get the chance, make sure you ask your kids about the food pyramid and what nutritional facts they have learned about so far! They have been learning a lot and love to talk about what they have learned in their health and wellness class!

By Jasmine Hill, Site Manager at Epiphany

This is Jasmine's first year with the B-SAFE program, where she is the site manager at Epiphany LEARN. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Boston College in 2015. After graduating in 2015, she completed a year of service with the Dudley Promise Corps Americorps program located in Roxbury, MA. Currently, she is student-teaching at the Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School and attending graduate school where she will be receiving a Masters of Education in June. She will be teaching in the BPS school district come September 2017.

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