"My Soul Has Grown Deep Like the Rivers"

The past month, April, was National Poetry Month and the SSYP-run Library at the Blackstone Innovation School celebrated. Activities included poetry-in-your-pocket and poetry read-alouds. With one fifth grade class, a visit to the library started with a book of poetry by Langston Hughes. The students were excited to share what they knew about Hughes because they had been studying about him in class the previous week! Just one great example among many of how the Blackstone Library volunteers, led by SSYP's Library Coordinator Tricia Harvey, are helping to expand the learning and love of books of students at the Blackstone!  There are now 21 Blackstone classrooms that visit the library on a weekly basis; volunteers recruited and trained by SSYP also support students in nine classes in their own rooms. Come join us!

If you would like to learn more about being on one of these teams or to sign up right now to be a volunteer during the school day, contact tricia@ssypboston.org (for the library) or maureen@ssypboston.org (for classroom work). 

By Liz Steinhauser, Senior Director of Youth Programs