Spring Festivities

On Thursday, April 14, Christ Church of Cambridge, a fabulous partner with SSYP, executed a carefully thought-out and well-planned Easter Party for all of the youth at St. Stephen's. The afternoon started off with a pizza party and presentation of Imagination Stations!  The kids all ate, while their peers got up in groups to present some of the cool activities they had been doing over a four-week period. The Imagination Stations were physics of paper, dance, oragami, and the science of cookies.

They then broke off into their respective groups and were able to enjoy a variety of festive activities. Christ Church of Cambridge brought a number of volunteers who ran activities such as spring baskets, paper plate sheep, and coffee filter butterflies. The youth also participating in foot-washing and learned the meaning behind it. It turned out to be a great afternoon!

By Sandy Quispe, St. Stephen's Site Manager