Senior Internship with SSYP

At Fenway High School, seniors have the opportunity to complete a six-week internship at any location they choose. Typically, these internships are supposed to help students better understand real-world jobs and the careers that seniors are interested in. This year, three Fenway seniors, including myself, have chosen to complete their six-week internships at St. Stephen’s Youth Programs. I am Dayaeliz, and  Elvis and Yaraluz are here with me on this journey. After graduating high school, we all plan to attend college. I will be attending Broward College in Florida to study aviation. Elvis will be attending Wentworth University to study computer science. Yaraluz will be attending Bridgewater State University to study psychology.  

Although we are all studying something different in college, we still wanted to get the exposure of working in an environment that is children based and community oriented. We all chose St. Stephen’s Youth Programs because we wanted to gain more knowledge and experience with children. Personally, I hope to gain more of an understanding of children and their emotions. I also hope to gain a lot of good memories and relationships here at St. Stephen’s. Elvis hopes to gain more experience with youth, and familiarize himself in a professional environment. Yaraluz would like to improve her communication skills with children and adults. She would also like to improve on her leadership skills. All three of us share the hope that this internship at St. Stephen's teaches us the skills we need for the near future.

By Dayaeliz Torres