SSYP Hits the Slopes

On Monday, January 16 (Martin Luther King Day!), St. Stephen's Youth Programs partnered with Youth Enrichment Services to take 35 middle schoolers and teens along with 10 staff, alum and volunteer chaperones to Pat's Peak in New Hampshire for a skiing and snowboarding adventure. Once there, young people had formal lessons on how to ski or snowboard from trained YES instructors.  Young people then spent the morning and early afternoon engaged in experiential learning as they figured out many of the skills of skiing and snowboarding. Despite the many falls that come with early practice, students had a lot of fun! The shouts of young people encouraging and supporting each other rang out above all else. By the end of the day, all those involved adorned themselves with colorful glow sticks and did one final run down the bunny slope, glowing in the night sky. After taking off their equipment, the students danced at the lodge party, listened to a program that focused on the values of Martin Luther King Jr,, and reflected on ways to increase opportunities for young people of color.  Everyone--students and adults--came back exhausted and grateful for this awesome opportunity with YES and SSYP! We look forward to the next outdoor adventure!

By Jeremy Kazanjian-Amory, Sr. Manager of College Access & Success